Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another perfect day in paradise...Sept. 10, 2015

Grand Canyon from Bright Angel Trail
 We left Kanab about nine--perhaps a bit earlier, and must have started on the trek to Bright Angel not long after ten. It was a wonderful day--perfect temperature not even a breeze. I managed to get one view nearly worthy of the place--here above.

Marietjie and Georg Fritz relaxing
 Org (Georg) and Marietjie have been the best companions imaginable: they've kept me amused as I drive (rent-a-car--they can't drive) and I relish their stories about Africa. They were the impetus for the trip, but driving through the Southwest is really something we all need to do regularly--especially in the off season!

Org's son loves bonsai, so you would often see him photographing gnarled plants to torment his son (with kindness of course!)
Manzanita (Arctostaphylos sp.) on Grand Canyon north rim
 I should have photographed the dozen or so fantastic shrubs thereabouts, including Garrya, Amelanchier utahensis, Purshia stansburiana, various Quercus, Cercocarpus (intricatus and ledifolius) and on and on and on...this dwarfish and uncharacteristic manzanita is all you get to see, alas!

 Manzanita (Arctostaphylos sp.) on Grand Canyon north rim: closer view

Penstemon rostriflorus
Delighted to see late bloom on this wonderful plant...

Cylindropuntia 'Snow Leopard'
I'd never noticed in the past that the "C. whipplei" hereabouts is the much larger, huskier critter sold by Timberline as 'Snow Leopard'. I believe it's got a new scientific name--utterly unlike whipplei to my eyes!
Psathyrotes ramosissima near Cave Dwellers, Arizona
 What can I say? It was perfect. The "soil" gave way like rich loam--which it basically is.
Psathyrotes ramosissima near Cave Dwellers, Arizona

Eriogonum corymbosum yellow form near Cave Dwellers, Arizona
 I should have spent a day photographing this all over--there were some stunners...
Sphaeralcea sp.,
 Fun to see this still blooming...
Georg and Muhlenbergia sp,
 This looks alot like M. torreyi from around Denver--but much bigger. Hope to get a name..

Utah state line in Monument Valley
 New thing to put stickers on State boundary signs? Monument Valley rocks...

Mexican Hat
 One of my favorite landmarks--I think the picture does it justice!
Georg and Juniper
Who is posing for whom?

Just a few glimpses of a perfect day--although my hotel room tonight in Blanding could use some help. A lot of it!


  1. Having another fabulous trip, PK … and sharing it so beautifully. Must get back to those red hills as soon as humanly possible.

  2. NIce trip, and I agree with everyone needs to drive through the southwest...I do it every day, I agree so much :-)

    Your mystery grass = Muhlenbergia porteri / Bush Muhly is my guess. Very common in the mesothermal parts of the SW, though a few sneak up into far SE Colorado, near the Baca / Las Animas county lines and N of OK. Hardly ever see it N of Placitas or Roswell, but very common ABQ- El Paso, and it grows under creosote bush often down here. I pulled unwanted ones out of my courtyard, though not *as bad* a reseeder as Aristida purpurea.....

    Let me know if you want seed.

  3. George should be careful. It looks as if that juniper was about to strike!


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