Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The bazaars of Istanbul

There are no end of wonderful things about Istanbul: the fragments of Byzantine glory scattered everywhere, the spectacular mosques and skyline and the simply mind-boggling growth and the hundreds of skyscrapers popping up like mushrooms in the never-ending suburbs...I love it all! The robust optimism of the huge population (all seemingly fit and happy) has to be seen to be believed. It's the ultimate city in my book. I don't think any place can match the dozens and dozens of enormous markets one finds everywhere--certainly not just the Grand Bazaar with this maze of thousands of shops. These were all taken on the Asian shore at a marvelous and vast market in Kadikoy.  The pictures should say it all...Multiply this by thousands and you have a taste of the great bazaars of The City!

Linden tea on the left, and Sideritis tea on the right at a tea shop.


Grape leaves for Dolmathes sold in big bunches


  1. I love markets like that, there is such colour in them, we never seem able to replicate anything like that in Uk or US (I am guessing).

  2. Oh Gosh, I am speechless - what magnificent photos - and I want to take my entire 3 day vacation this weekend to look at each one carefully! I really need to go to Turkey.


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