Monday, June 8, 2015

Garden of a late afternoon...

For over twenty years I've marvelled at the amazing garden that Rob Proctor and David Macke have created in Highlands: I was pretty impressed with what they'd done before that too--but the scale and the magnificence of their North Denver creation was truly off the charts. I dropped in on them a week ago, and I was stunned: between this years incessant rains and their diligence (and skill)--(and a small army of interns don't hurt) the garden is OFF THE CHARTS. My miserable pictures taken in the gloaming do not do it justice...scroll down to the last frame and you can get the details on how YOU can see this garden (and raise some cash for our furry friends: animals that is. Not Rob and David).

The pictures really speak for themselves: you shall not be inflicted with the usual Greek Chorus of comments on all of them...

The Greek Chorus chimes in: I MUST get a start of this Polygonatum: Rob and David got it from Helen Dillon. Helen didn't give ME a piece of it the evening I visited (I must have been too dazzled to have asked)...

I've never seen this form of variegated Vinca--I love it!

I'm a salvia nut: I'm not sure what form this is (something between pratensis/haematodes/regeliana). Must get it!

The"hell" strip was heavenly.

This plicata Tall Bearded was stunning.

A tad darkish: sorry! I should have lightened the image: it's a magnificent plant of pink Phlomis--probably P. cashmeriana which I grew from Index Seminum seed and which has gone into Plant Select. I just realized I'm not growing it. Harrumph.

A wonderful broken pot xeriscape in the alley...

It's twin across the road...

Oh yes! If you go on the tour you get to go to the neighbor's too--who give Rob and David a run for their money in the Color department.

Back to Rob and David's: a fabulout black TB.

                                                                   Stairway to heaven...

And in the crepuscular light, the master walks home!   

A Garden Tour not to be missed!


  1. Thank you Panayoti... we enjoyed this so much!

    1. And thank you for all you do for Rob, David and gardeners throughout our region (and Denver Botanic Gardens!)

  2. Wowza! Now I want blue pots, and I need to go look up the word crepuscular.

  3. No wonder I have to comment on each of my mother was Sicilian, and we know where their largest influence is from (Greece)! I'll try to turn a new page on that habit...

    And I thought some others had containers...

  4. What a treat, a bejewelled and quirky tapestry and interesting plants. Must hunt down that variegated Polygonatum and the Phlomis cashieriana. Thank you for sharing :-)


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