Thursday, March 5, 2015

Relativity: bloom times can vary...Did you know that?

Iris (Juno) nicolai                          March-16-2007                                  Photo by M. Bumgarner
You're supposed to pronounce the title of this blog very colloquially ("D'jou know that?": Juno that?) to rehash one of my worst puns. One of the terrific features of digital photography is all the data that lies buried behind the pictures: these are all pictures taken by my dear friend and former colleague, Maria Bumgarner, when she was amassing a wonderful collection of irises at Centennial Garden (which I have memorialized, as it were, in a previous blog). Most of them are still there, needing some attention perhaps... I think the plants speak for themselves: what I am highlighting right now is WHEN they bloomed seven and eight years ago: this year, many of these that bloomed in February will not bloom until April or even May, perhaps (at the rate we're going). Phenology in a steppe climate is a joke!

Iris aucheri 'Deep Violet'                                            3-7-2008                                           Photo by M. Bumgarner
Of course...there is the subject of Juno Iris, which I have blogged about again, and again and again (you're supposed to click on each of those "agains" to access those blogs, btw).

Iris aucheri 'Deep Violet'                                          3-7-2008                                                 Photo by M. Bumgarner
What can one say to that color?
Iris aucheri 'Snow Princess'                                      3-26-2008                                                     Photo by M. Bumgarner
I hope we haven't lost this one...

Iris magnifica 'Alba?'                                                   March 2, 2007                                                    Photo by M. Bumgarner
 I find it hard to believe this bloomed so early: this year March 2 was a blizzard if I remember correctly...

Iris rosenbachiana                                                         2-9-2008                                                          Photo by M. Bumgarner
Although we had the snowiest February this year in Denver history, there were reticulatas starting to bloom in a few gardens: not mine however (although their tips were poking up)...

Iris wilmottiana                                                                 3-7-2008                                                        Photo by M. Bumgarner
Another one we may have lost...

Iris zinaidae                                                                     3-17-2008                                              Photo by M. Bumgarner
I do have plants of this--although I'm not convinced they're accurately named...

Meanwhile I can dream, and hope to find some of these persisting despite the garden they're growing in having changed management several times. It was looking good last summer--so I have my fingers crossed.


  1. DId Juno that we still have 68 inches of snow on da ground? I can't wait though, to see if any of my Juno's survived odd, unseasonable winter. So nice to see images that cheer me up!

  2. Thanks for your note, Matt: you have had a winter you will NEVER forget! Our's had more winter damage than ever...we won't forget it either. The snow finally has begun to retreat and we have hope again too!


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