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North Carolina Arboretum (Part two)

Brace yourselves: this is only the SECOND part--and there will be a third as well. There are so many images from this Arboretum that I shall not have the time or patience to annotate them all: since it's the busy end of Autumn here in Denver, I don't have the luxury or patience to provide scholia for each photo: but I was really enchanted with this little known garden which with a little luck and ingenuity could be come one of America's greatest! Of course, they'll have to hire James (and you know who you are) to achieve that! I was there in mid August--hence the Surprise lily above--which is not quite hardy in Denver....yet.
There was not a lot of signage, but I was impressed at what I saw there..

Surely the most spectacular Angelica:I have become quite fond of this genus, despite its monocarpic tendencies--and this is part of the reason why. I believe it was introduced to cultivation by Barry Yinger--one of America's great horticulturists.

Plaza at the entrance …