Monday, May 12, 2014

Species maniac? Who...Me? A sampling of iris hybrids...

Oncobred combo on East Ridge
 This is what my garden might have looked like today, had we not had 3-4" of snow accumulate (and several inches of rain which was welcome). The picture was taken last year, but my iris hill was on the verge of peak bloom. Provided the temperatures don't drop TOO much tonight, I may salvage some of the glory...I shall keep you posted.

Another glimpse...
 Generally speaking, I'm a "species" kind of guy: I like my plants fairly pure--and of wild origin if possible. Nature is pretty lavish with biodiversity, and for me gardening is really just a way to delve into that biodiversity with gusto...(among gardening's many other qualities..). I do have a handful of true Oncocyclus Iris species which I treasure, but they are just a tad sensitive--you musn't give them dirty looks and water in summer can be fatal. But their hybrids with straight Bearded Iris are generally much more amenable to garden culture. And they have taken to my xeric East Ridge bed with great gusto: I don't know that there is much to say about these (I generally am not a big fan of those garden catalogues with page after page of plant mug shots)...but once again I make an exception. The magic, the gorgeous variety and the colors of these in bloom must be experienced to be believed...meanwhile, do enjoy my little parade (and help me identify a few of the mystery iris at the end please!). And keep your finger's crossed for my sake that it doesn't drop to the low 20's tonight as they said it would yesterday...or the parade may be over for the year. I shall keep you posted!
Iris 'Bagdad's Folly'

Iris 'Circus Parade'

Iris 'Desert Plum'

Iris 'Engraved'
 I dote on this one--hasn't opened yet this year...hope that the snow has protected it...

Iris 'Hannah's Prayer'

Iris 'Kiosk'

Iris 'Kiosk'
 The yellow ones are rarer, and among my favorites. This one has great vigor.

Iris 'Loudmouth'

Iris 'Loudmouth'
 'Loudmouth' has been blooming for two weeks and is still loaded with flowers--it's a winner!

Iris 'Magic Dream'

Iris 'Omar's Gold'

Iris 'Omar's Torch'
 Gorgeous close up or in a clump--see below.

Iris 'Omar's Torch'
 This one has been blooming for a week, and is still covered with flowers. It's risen to the top of my faves...

Iris 'Oyez'
 A very vigorous and utterly distinctive hybrid--one of the greats. Musn't not grow this.

Iris 'Pennina's Provocation'
 I mislabelled this last week as 'Rivers of Babylon' which grows next to it. The eyespot is huge on both.

Iris 'Point Well Taken'
Another view of the same

Iris 'Rivers of Babylon'

Iris 'Spirit of Caleb'

Iris 'Tien Shan'

Undetermined Oncobred

Iris 'Desert Plum?' and mystery Oncobred

Iris 'Dushanbe'
 This doesn't really belong in here: it's a pure Regelia hybrid--and one of the best of these. I've grown this on and off for 20 years. Needs occasional division to keep it vigorous.

Mystery Oncobred
 Hope someone will now the names of these...put them below and I'll add them.
Mystery Oncobred

Mystery Oncobred

Mystery Oncobred

Mystery Oncobred
There are another twenty or so pix--not quite as good--and more mysteries. But this is enough for now. Waiting for warm weather to return with a bit of anxiety. These late spring storms are the norm around here--and the oncos have weathered them before. Tonight shall be the test!

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  1. I like you am a plant purist, and also grow Onco species, but these Onco hybrids are the bomb! Wish I could get them in Canada.


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