Thursday, April 10, 2014

Has Spring truly sprung? (an April Alphabetarium)

Bulbocodium vernum
 We almost wondered if Spring would ever arrive: now suddenly magnolias are in bloom all over town, the early plums and apricots are out, and even all the pear trees. Crocuses and snowdrops are mostly over, and the early spring rabble is at its peak...most all of these are photographed today in my garden (the one above is an exception--my pictures from home didn't turn out nearly as well as this shot from the grand border at Denver Botanic Gardens). Of course there's lots to say about every picture, but this time of year we don't need prose, we need color! and there is color aplenty (at least until Sunday when it's supposed to snow again--ugggh). That's Colorado. Take it while it's good!
Coluteocarpus vesicarius

Corydalis solida 'Beth Evans'

Corydalis solida 'George Baker'

Corydalis solida 'George Baker'

Corydalis solida 'Dieter Schacht'

Delosperma sphalmanthoides

Draba bruniifolia ex Toros Dag

Draba hispanica

Fritillaria bucharica

Fritillaria caucasica

Fritillaria michaelovskyi

Fritillaria michaelovskyi

Iris aucheri

Iris aucheri

Iris reticulata 'Cantab'

Narcissus nanus

Primula abchasica and Chionodoxa sp.

Primula marginata

Primula veris and Hepatica americana

Ranunculus calandrinioides

Townsendia hookeri in a trough

Tulipa humilis 'Alba oculata'

Tulipa humilis

Tulipa humilis

Tulipa humilis and Corydalis shanganii

Tulipa montana ex Iran (Archibald coll.)

Veratrum nigrum


  1. Your spring garden is quite beautiful. I'd be covering everything right now since Denver is forecasted to get 6 inches to one foot of snow.


  2. We call it white fertilizer, James. We could have snows like this for another month at least...I hope we do get lots of snow: temps are forecast to drop to 24F, and only snow will protect our magnolias and flowering trees which are in peak form right now (ugggh)...Springtime in the Rockies!

    1. If you don't cover stuff then you shouldn't complain when the cold kills it.



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