Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Breathless time to talk!

Tulipa batalinii, first year planting in Woodland Mosaic garden, Denver Botanic Gardens

Phlox bifida, in Children's garden crevice bed...

My Daphnarium (with lavender Aubrieta gracilis on lower left)

Going strong for weeks!

Polemonium brandegei, from Southern Colorado, in Rock Alpine Garden trough....

Iris henryi in Rock Alpine Garden

Closer look at my pride and joys: Daphne x schytleri on left, Daphne x 'Anton Fahdrich' on right.

Pulsatilla albana (ina yellow form: comes in white and lavender too), according to an irate Slavic Facebooker. I've grown it as aurea for years. The real aurea is mind bogglingly beautiful...but progbably ungrowable for us on the steppes. This loves my garden: I have it everywhere.

Myt champion clump of P. albana at home.

Daphne cneorum 'Potzka' at home

The real Townsendia spathulata...aaaah.

Eritrichium howardii--an ancient plant in my trough

Ribes x gordonii Love this thang.

Same, closer up

Even closer (ooops out of focus: sorry)
A fraction of the goodies starting to bloom everywhere: yikes! Turning out to be an awesome mid-to late spring: everything blooming at once! Lasting for every in the coolth! Skirting hard frost night after night--eeek! Love it. Plant Sales every few days, and the nurseries are hopping: I fill wheelbarrowloads of weeds every night--desperate to get my garden ins shape for less than a month away. No time to talk! Have a great day....gotta go!


  1. Are you on a garden tour this year? Which one? Fabulous plants!

  2. Are the white irises mixed in with the blue I. henryi from seed? Are they also I. henryi? Will have to put the Pulsatilla on my must-get list.

  3. I have been hoping to catch the episode on "Garden Smart" where they visit the Denver Botanic Gardens. They finally played it today and I got to see you in your element.


  4. I think the "real" Townsendia spathulata is actually a sexual form of the normally apomictic T. condensata. Or even T. condensata var. anomala.
    Herbarium specimen of T, spathulata:

  5. ..wunderschön Deine Gestecke....ich mag Naturmaterialien sehr...!! Hab Dich erstmal verlinkt damit ich keinen Deiner wunderschönen Posts verpasse...!!! Lieben Gruß blumenzwiebeln

  6. Vielen Dank für Ihre freundlichen Worte! Ich werde auch zu schauen Ihr Blog!


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