Monday, January 20, 2014

400th Blog post! This one's got pix for a change...(Marcia Donahue's garden art)

Marcia Donahue, featuring her captivating smile
I'm a tad self conscious: 400 Blog posts!...I suppose I have been at it a number of years now. Serendipity rules: I shall be able to celebrate #401 by sharing some delightful images. I have been on record as having doubts about garden art. Marcia Donahue makes me recant! She is probably America's greatest garden sculptor--her work is inspiring. Although it was late afternoon in mid-winter, it was a thrill (as you can probably tell) to spend a few hours in her garden and chatting with her. This was my second visit to her garden and incredible home: it's possible to visit her most Sundays when she holds open houses. I'd call ahead to make sure, however...The winter light was oblique, so these pictures don't show up as well as they should: the Worldwide Web is full of blog postings about Marcia, should you want to see more professional depictions: these are my homely renderings (and the fact that they're as good as they are is a testament to her "point and shoot" garden artistry--you really can't go wrong there!). There shan't be much commentary. Her garden speaks for itself!

Near the entrance--great feet!

These long ceramic shoots were not in the garden last time I visited.

Bowling balls are a leitmotif throughout--as is Asian art of all sorts.

I don't recall chickens the last time either: they are so artistic, does she have them trained to pose?

I remember these from last time. Love their cheerful faces!

Even the plants begin to look like Donahue sculptures after a while...

I actually bought a bulb like this to give to my's sitting on my desk until our next meeting...

Is the chicken real or sculpture?

My favorite aunt had cups like this. Wonder where they went?

I think it is a real shell..."reality" and art are blurred a bit here...

I wouldn't mind resting here in the hereafter.

I had to touch it secretly to make sure it was a plant and not another clever Donahue piece...

These wonderful succulents need even less water than real ones.

Some of these made it home with me...most are going to Morocco with Robin Parer (who arranged our visit to Marcia's) and friends in a few months as host gifts.

Marcia and her pet cockerell--a very sweet tempered one I might add!

I end with this adorable cat head. Thanks for joining me on this visit!


  1. YAY!! I adore Marcia, her sculptures and her garden! What a treat!

  2. She is as compelling as her wonderful work--and as memorable, it's true. Hope to bump into you at the Pacific Northwest Flower show in two weeks!


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