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Glimpses of a master's garden: Cyril Lafong

One of the things that Great Britain does extraordinarily well is Plant Shows: I know, I know--there are terrific Orchid Shows in America, and the better Flower Shows around the country often have competitive displays. Trust me: there is nothing like a British flower show on Planet Earth, and shows sponsored by the Alpine Garden Society and the Scottish Rock Garden Club are truly mind boggling. Just Google "Farrer Medal" or "Forrest Medal" if you want confirmation of just how astonishing plants at these shows can be. There are a handful of exhibitors who are chronic winners of these awards, and leading the pack in the Forrest Medal department is Cyril Lafong, who kindly hosted me a week ago along with Carole and Ian Bainbridge for lunch and a visit to his garden. The end of June is usually a rather quiet time in rock gardens...but not in Cyril's which was bursting with color and choice plants. I took a ridiculous number of pictures there, and enough of them t…