Sunday, March 24, 2013

When it's springtime in the Rockies..... can snow and snow and snow.
My rock garden in the "spring" (a few days ago there were a few dozen kinds of plants in bloom under there...really!
My friends in New England are complaining bitterly about their accumulating snowload, but truth be said, we are grateful for every dump of snow (although I wish my son didn't have to drive back to school in Arkansas with his friends through the blizzard conditions)... It seems as though every time Denver Water declares "drought" the Heavens open up. The bizarre and really egregious water law of my beloved native state makes a mockery of climate and weather.

I'm cheating: I took these pictures a few weeks ago after the LAST snowy episode--we have the same amount of snow today, but the rabbits and deer have yet to pock mark it with their trails. Both critters--as cute as they may be--have been causing some depredation of concern. Time to rent a cougar, or at least a fox.


  1. We had no snow- just bare frost between 5-8 degrees. So much for all the early Iris,...

  2. Bummer, Jeff: here's hoping some make it through. Colorado is so captious. But going to both coasts the last few weeks has taught me spring is not so dependable there for Europe in three weeks (yikes!)...need any greetings sent to Denmark?

  3. Please say Hello to Henrick and Bjørn at Gøteborg and if you see him, most definitely Kenneth Lorentzon.
    Where will you be in Denmark?


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