Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Summer thoughts in midwinter


The temperature today is approaching 60F (we're talking January 9!) and the same you can't really blame me for thinking about summertime: and what says summer better than Echinacea purpurea? This is one of my all time favorite "artsy" shots I did in the Birds and Bees garden at Denver Botanic Gardens years ago....I am so lucky to work there!

Another overall shot in that wonderful with a typical mix of annuals, Kniphofia--you name it!


The contrast of bright blues and oranges, the cool lavender pink of coneflowers and the fiery yellows and oranges of composites or torch lilies--this is summer at its best! We have Agapanthus aplenty in several gardens, but never enough for my taste!

A sweep of Agapanthus 'Headbourne hybrids' in the South African garden...these look pretty much identical to Agapanthus campanulatus ssp. patens I've seen all over the Drakensberg...the most reliable hardy agapanthus in our severe winter climate. Although sixties in January--with toasty sun and the Rockies shining brilliantly in white in the distance--is more like Heaven. But they are predicting near zero temps this weekend.....Ugggggghhhh!  Quick, let's go back to summer thoughts!


  1. Summer here helps me to appreciate our winter, and maybe not belly-ache so much! But nice thoughts, as your Echinacea purpurea beats my summer look of shrivelled cacti. And you've raised the bar on your blog's new look and all the pages / links at the top...something else for me to delight in. See you next week, PK.

  2. Thank you, David! Looking forward to your talk!

  3. 60º here in Mass too - but Friday, it will dip to 11º so kiss those nice colorado plants I received from you good bye, right? Mud, freeze, Mud, Freeze..ugh


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