Thursday, June 14, 2012

CAMERA! Obscura!

It is more or less Universal now, but when Jim and Jenny Archibald first offered seed of Digitalis obscura back in the 1980's I doubt that there was a plant of it growing in North America (at least!)...With its linear, evergreen leaves and nearly shrubby habit it is quite different from all the others members of this small, but indispensible genus of Eurasians. Above it is growing in an east facing bed along Josephine street (at a bank, for heaven's sake!), not far from Denver Botanic Gardens. That picture seems to have captured the wonderful burnt umber color of the flowers...

The second picture shows it at the Gardens at Kendrick Lake, that cornucopia of perfectly grown plants. They have planted this on North facing as well as South facing banks there: they seem to do equally well.

I have a sad little specimen at home I shall not share right now: Oh! to have the space and watering system set up to grow chubby, cheerful plants like this!

This was championed by Plant Select way back in 2002! I doubt it shall ever fall out of fashion again!                                                          


  1. I absolutely love the plant and I don't understand it's requirements at all it likes neither sun or shade here !

  2. Hmmmmm: I have seen it thriving at Forest Edge Gardens at 6500' in the Black Forest, and we grow it in sun and shade just fine...

    You have obviously not planted enough of it yet!


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