Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just a few more months...

We just had Scott Winter talk to our rock garden club--the very talented fellow who created this gem of a garden at the Colorado Springs' Untilities' Xeriscape Demonstration garden just north of Fillmore on Mesa: this is just one corner of an extensive and beautifully designed garden that features no end of microclimates and rocky gardens. I know there are great charms in winter--and it is stunningly beautiful outside as we accumulate nearly 18" of snow in much of Denver (and over 45" in one day in Gilpin County nearby!)...and in a few weeks I shall be in the Swiss Alps at a ski resort gazing at glaciers and freezing my Euro-tooshie...

The Nobel-prize winning Greek poet, George Seferis wrote a poem that has resonated through my life (and expresses some of my yearning for spring coincidentally)...recalling Xenophon and his tattered troops, perhaps, after the nightmare crossing of Anatolia:

Just a little more and we shall see the almond trees in blossom
the marbles shining in the sun
The sea, the curling waves...

Just a little more.
Let us rise just a little higher.

(Sherard & Keeley translation virtually identical to Rex Warner's [and mine for that matter])

Almond (Prunus dulcis) blooming in Denver two springs ago...

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