Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Plant heaven: Annie's Annuals...

I briefly mentioned Annie's Annuals in my last blog...well, that was cruel! If you do not know this unbelievable nursery, well, you are still in the Dark Ages and might as well go drink some Grog. The name is misleading: of course, they offer what has to be the most amazing selection of non-traditional annuals (i.e., what you could get from Park Seed Co. or the like) in America, and probably beyond. Things like a full range of California, Mediterranean and every other kind of poppy imaginable, really hard to get treasures. But they have all manner of perennials, bulbs, shrubs, trees and succulents: you name it! Don't expect anything common or humdrum: Annie grows only the best!

There are delightful display gardens everywhere, and containers galore...the next few images are to tantalize you with some of the specimen plants blooming late summer. Namely, a fabulous assortment of buckwheats...

Drool on!

I think just about everything at this nursery is grown at this nursery, mostly from seed. The quality and size of plants for the price have to be the horticultural bargain of the decade. Do restrict your budget before you visit. You will want far more than you can afford: even you too, Bill Gates!

I finish with a bang: Crassula coccinea modestly exploding in the succulent section. I first visited last December and was dazzled (how could it be so good midwinter?). I just checked it out at the end of the long California summer: just as dazzling. I suspect it will be like that no matter when you drop in. But if you are in the Bay area, do check them out. You will be as hooked as I've become (already planning my next visit in December, then next April....then next fall again....). Easy to find using their URL I listed above: here it is again:

I warn you, however. You will never again visit the Bay area without dropping in there. Annie and her crew ROCK!


  1. A lovely tribute. Every word TRUE!

  2. This is too funny! I stopped by there for the first time at the the beginning of the season and now I am going back tomorrow again. (My husband works down here so I visit from time to time.) When I flew down from Portland I even packed a special box in my carryon luggage just for plant purchases. The place is AMAZING!!!

  3. Oh, oh...another Annie! Good thing there aren't too many nurseries like this or would we be broke or what?


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