Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wallflower wonders

Wallflowers are one of those groups....lots of color, lots of variety and yet somehow overlooked. Taken for granted. This spring this amazing spectacle graced the San Juan trough in Wildflower treasures at Denver Botanic Gardens. The bronzy phase of our native Rocky Mountain wallflower (Erysimum asperum) is something I have admired here and there in the mountains. Usually a wand here and a wand there: nothing to write home about. Nothing to actually grow. But one of my colleagues (not sure which one) managed to get a pinch of seed, and several were planted out here and there.

To my astonishment, they have made terrific garden plants. You can't judge a plant by its looks in the wild, obviously. If this proves perennial, it will be treasure indeed! But even a biennial with this flower power (and long season of bloom) is worth growing. Our propagation staff produced many flats at the plant sale, so lots of our customers will be finding out if it works like this at home....including me!

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