Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today would be my sister Mary Callas Taylor's 78th Birthday. This was her high school graduation photograph (taken about the time I was born). I think it conveys quite a bit about her. No words, no matter how eloquent, how labored can begin to convey the sadness, nostalgia and yearning one still feels decades after losing a loved one. The only compensation in her case is that I can see bright glimmerings of her style, of her looks, of her character in her three wonderful daughters.


  1. Her Mother's daughter for sure. If looks were everything then Mr. Taylor was indeed a luck man.

  2. There's no denying Mary looked like a Greek goddess: believe me, her intellect, her devotion to family and friends, her charm and her integrity were more than a match for her physical beauty. I never knew anyone who wasn't in love with her. Her husband was very lucky. And he continues to be: he has a second love who is special too!


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