Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gold for the New Year...

One of the highlights of this past year for me was finding this delightful umbel growing practically everywhere in the Altai Mountains: after much searching and seeking and groping on the internet (or should I say googling) I believe that it appears this is the REAL Bupleurum aureum, which everyone insists on lumping into Bupleurum longifolium...utterly different from the animal of that name I have grown for decades (and which I can't even find a picture of in any book or on the web, but which grows everywhere in my home garden and Denver Botanic Gardens)...

So this may likewise prove annual: but it is very different from anything I grow as Bupleurum, and much much showier. I found a similar plant in 2009 that was even flashier (if someone bugs me, I will unearth that picture) which seemed perennial. But even if this is an annual, who can't use some glorious gold like this in the New Year? It grew practically everywhere: in moist spots and dry, high and low. It had been blooming for a long time (there was abundant seed) and had lots of buds to go. I look forward to having some of this Altai gold in my life and in my garden.

Seemed like an auspicious way to begin the New Year! Happy New Year to you and may gold and good health come into your life this year!

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  1. aureum, xanthum or luteum, they would all be welcome in the garden. And... 'Bronze Beauty' ain't no slacker either. Check out B. lancifolium @ FlowersinIsrael for another good-looking yellow-flowered specimen.


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