Monday, October 25, 2010

Toad lilies on the brink...

Plantasia at Denver Botanic Gardens is glimmering right now with dozens of wands of Tricyrtis
, probably the commonest of these east Asian woodlanders: of course in the next few days (or maybe a week) hard frost will put an end to their show. I recall seeing these the first time over 40 years ago in the garden of Sam and Mary Ann Heacock (the preeminent gardeners in Denver over much of the 20th Century)...and maybe once or twice elsewhere in the interim.

I had fabulous luck for years with Tricyrtis latifolia in the Rock Alpine Garden, although one day it was overgrown or otherwise missing in action. And I grew the giant yellow, nodding bell shaped gem that goes by various names in Boulder as a child for many years.

It is amazing to me that plants so universal in bi-coastal gardens are so utterly absent from our local scene. Each year the display of this spotted beauties expands and improves, chiding me for not trying them in my own private garden...

If you are from Colorado and grow toad lilies, let me know: you will be in a very select minority!

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