Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Burning bushes et al.

The third fabulous spring in a row. Don't know what's up with this crazy state of mine: we have had Magnolias opening their first flowers in early March, and there are still flowers in shady sites on them today nearly six weeks later. The Crabs and Plums and Cherries have been blooming for weeks. Nearly a month! The burning bushes (my new name for floweringquince, which is a silly name since all quince flower) have been surreal.

I drove by the park near us on the way West to Colorado Boulevard: several color forms of Crabapple from deep rose red and paler, flowsy pink ones and pure white...

What bliss...


  1. WOWZER!! that is spectacular!!

  2. Cauline phytocumulus clouds of technicolor.

    Any word on the college Paulownia?


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