Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random memento

Didn't have a clue what to blog about so I literally clicked on a random picture in my files and this shot of Kendrick Lake popped up: not surprising since I (and everyone else on the planet it seems) have taken a lot of pictures there. This shot does tell an interesting story, looking at the mix of American, African and Eurasian drylanders mixed up together...Interesting to note that the bright reds and yellows only occupy a fraction of the picture: texture is the real theme...since there is something different blooming every few weeks, this garden achieves greatness by combining bright color with wonderful plant form. A few weeks after this picture was taken a devastating hail really did wreak havoc: the staff there took advantage of that to really tear the place up and add lots of new features. One of the secrets of this garden is just how radically it is constantly made over.
Time to wreak a little havoc in mine as well...if I can get some time to work out there! The first bulbs are out, and hellebores and even a Spanish draba and a Colchicum (kesselringianum)...Yikes! the race has begun....

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