Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Unseasonable greetings...

The thermometer is plunging again below zero F, so you can hardly blame me for delving once again in to my archives: I stumbled on this image as I was preparing a talk for tomorrow's Turf Conference...I suppose by the time spring arrives, I will be reminiscing about the quiet, simple elegance of winter's intaglio landscapes....not!

This picture was taken in mid May: high point for rock gardens. It's mostly Helianthemum numullarium (lower right), bright pink Phlox in the center (creeping and clumping and lilac in the upper right) and the vibrant blue is Turkish veronica. A shrubby penstemon is dangling on the far left...dontcha just want to take a stroll up that gravel path? There are lots of goodies where it's headed, I assure you!

I have to savor the images of spring this time of year because when spring does come I am so busy touring people, weeding, potting, giving talks, visiting other gardens, taking quick field trips to nature and just generally hyperventilating that I guarantee you this Blog will grind to a very slow pace.

God invented winter so gardeners can kind of catch up, I'm convinced! And post lots of pretty images on their blogs of course...

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