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For Plant Nerds Only! Muggles KEEP OUT!

We have all had those days when you visit a public garden--the light is diffused, there's just a hint of a breeze and there's no one there. An April day at Savill Gardens, when I had fifty million rare daffodils all to myself (just like Wordsworth's hackneyed poem). Many a visit to Edinburgh or Gothenburg's gems. My March visit to Filoli or any one of a dozen visits to Huntington's desert garden. For those of us in Public Horticulture, these are our Superbowls, our Academy Awards only different: the opportunity to walk by ourselves (or with a beloved companion) in paradise alone.

(To be continued below)

I had one such day on May 10 of 2013 at Würzburg Botanic Garden. There are nearly 200 pictures below to prove it (you will be relieved that BLOGGER nixed quite a number, or it would have been much worse). Maybe the best ones were deleted? I could easily expand the caption under each of these pictures to a page, or maybe more. We would soon rival War and Peace …