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The other autumn snowdrop (Galanthus elwesii ssp. monostictus)

The bulb in question: photographed last Sunday at Montrose Gardens--Nancy and Craufurd Goodwin's exquisite estate in Hillsborough, North Carolina. There are several species of snowdrops that bloom in the fall--all of them rather rare in commerce. This species was little known until Nancy accidentally purchased twelve bulbs many decades ago. She and her staff have divided these faithfully ever few years, creating several enormous patches on the 69 acre Montrose property.

 There are several more naturalistic patches, thousands of square feet in extent. I was charmed by this vast river of snowdrops that was planted on a terrace winding through the woods (this is just a short piece of that river, by the way)...

 I was a faithful customer of Montrose Nursery in its heyday, many years ago. It--along with Holbrook Gardens--were among the leading mail order specialty nurseries when I began my professional career. I remember how disappointed I was when Nancy stopped shipping (about the t…

The Stireman perplex

Why perplex? It's perplexing to me how two brothers in the Salt Lake City area figured out how to grow the best plants in the best possible ways. The Stireman gardens, in Sandy and Salt Lake City proper, are featured below: I took pictures on several occasions: the sparse pictures taken in March, the lusher ones in late April--two or three years ago now. I just uploaded these for a talk--and realized I've not shared them properly, although I did a cryptic blog about John once...with horrible pictures taken in winter--but that pretty much sums it up. Obviously, this jumble of pictures from two gardens taken at different times (both a bit early for many of the best plants) doesn't begin to capture their magic--you really have to be there. They epitomize "Shibui"--the Japanese concept of quiet, perfect elegance, only in steppe mode--with flamboyant colors. I'll not comment much in this, except to point out a few great plants here and there.