Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The roses of Denmark

I know these aren't roses: encouintered on the WAY to the rose garden

Before I showed the perennial garden--this is the rose garden portion of the King's Garden

Once again, I think the garden speaks for itself: not many comments from me are needed.

Rosa 'Fellowship' (Floribunda) Harkness 1992

Rosa 'Ashram' (Hybrid Tea) 1998

Another small border

The Castle near the rose garden

Fabulous rose-draped gazebo: don't you love the petals on the ground?

I love seeing the gardener's carts...

There were wonderful climbing roses all over Copenhagen--here are just a taste..

Monday, October 26, 2015

The King's Garden (Perennials) in Copenhagen

In the heart of Copenhagen, next to the museums, the botanic garden and the royal castle, the King and Queen have a garden for the enjoyment of the public. This blog is dedicated to the enormous herbaceous border (shown above) which I was lucky enough to see in peak early summer color on July1 this past summer. Most of the plants contained herein are garden classics--although scattered through with some unusual shrubs and perennials throughout: rather than drone on (as I so often do) I leave this garden to speak for itself: I hope you enjoy it a fraction as much as I did! (if you click on the images they will expand--and you can flow through more smoothly!)

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