Saturday, December 27, 2014

Horned poppies

Glaucium acutidentatum

One of the loveliest, longest blooming perennials we've grown in recent decades. Many species and hybrids are emerging.

Glaucium sp. ex Iran (Annie's Annuals)

Glaucium flavum

Glaucium x (corniculatum x flavum)

Glaucium corniculatum hyb.

Glaucium x corniculatum

Probably a G. acutidentatum

Glaucium acutidentatum in my garden

Glaucium acutidentatum at Denver Botanic Gardens

Various hybrids in my xeriscape at home...

Friday, December 26, 2014

Kelly's Way: a point and shoot garden. BANG!

Kelly Griffin,surveying his "Way"

I'd spent much of the day at Steve Hammer's Sphaeroid institute (see last blog)--and honestly didn't expect a comeuppance!  Where else besides Southern California can you go garden touring Christmas week and not be disappointed? OK, Hawaii. Florida. Other countries...Kelly and Denise had invited me to stay, and I remembered they lived in a condo when I first met them--I was vaguely aware they'd bought a house. But no one warned me of what to expect there. In four years, almost entirely by himself, Kelly has filled this expansive garden with a positive treasure trove of succulents. Thousands. Each one seems to be perfect. I apologize for not labeling them:  It would take me a month to label them: Kelly would know them all by heart (and their parentage) but this is my blog, not his. This is really about the extraordinary form of plants, and the astonishing way they combine. Just relax and enjoy! (by the way, I noticed Denise Huntsman-Griffin filled a large pail with weeds during my visit--so he does get help from her! This garden is about as weed free as any I've ever seen. I can't wait to see it in a few years when it fills in (Denise will have to weed in a hot air balloon by then, I fear)...enjoy!

I will finally interject that the following four pictures show the same corner of the garden in different lights (evening and morning)--showing the almost shocking transformations this garden goes through.

                                                                    Kelly's way rocks!

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