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It's thyme

It's always time for thyme in my book. No matter how many thymes I grow, there always seems to be a new one waiting... I was more than a little suprised to find a number of thymes on my last summer's trip to Central Asia: at the highest elevations of Mongolia and Kazakhstan, where 40 below is frequent in winter, several beautiful species occurred. These (like most the thymes I grow) would bloom in Denver in spring or early summer.
There is one beautiful species that blooms predictably in late summer and fall. That's Thymus comosus, from he Balkans. I grew this first at Denver Botanic Gardens for many years in a deep pink form. I shared seed locally and Ray Daugherty grew a pure white form once. Despite loving the plant, one day I noticed it had disappeared.
Eventually I tracked it down again: I think I got it at Arrowhead Alpines this time around. The same shaggy heads of bloom in August and September, only this time they are a cool lavender pink instead of magenta rose. Oh …